A break again!

It seems life has a funny way of sidetracking us from our goals.

With my goal of daily writing, I started my daily writing practice but it’s being disturbed again and again.

This is the second time that I couldn’t write for a week.

I do feel frustrated on thinking why can’t we stick to our goals?

It’s difficult to stay on the path, maybe that’s why so few become successful.

In times like these, I remember the answer to Alfred’s question to Bruce Wayne as he lies on the ground defeated, “Why do we fall, Master Wayne?”. “To get back up!”, says Bruce.

That is what we all must do!

Life is bigger than all of us. It always will be. We will never be able to control it or the events that occur around us. Hence, the mindset that we need to adopt is of that marathon runner, who knows if he keeps on running, he will reach his destination.

Thus, even if life knocks us down, we must remember that this round only ends when we die. And until we are alive, and can get up, we will win!


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