Daily Writing #62: Can you endure the boredom?

The biggest myth today I find that we get bombarded on a regular basis is Passion.

I hate that word now.

can you endure boredom
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it has become synonymous with that meme that we keep continuously hearing day in and day out until we get tired of it. We derive momentary pleasure from it and then we just want to forget about it.

The same is the case with passion. That word is thrown out in every discussion about achievement and success. Passion has a role but not that much.

Do you think everybody remains passionate and motivated every single day?


It’s impossible.

Life will wear us down. It’s bigger than all of us and we can’t control it. And when life hits us hard, we will suffer the impact. We will get affected emotionally. Will we be able to remain passionate or motivated then? Nope.

That means that passion is not the major driver of success.

I think the word that should be equally given its due importance is “boredom”.

Boredom instead of passion

Can you endure boredom? If you answer yes to this question then sooner or later you will find success.

See, passion and motivation are temporary.

You may be the most passionate guy or girl in this world but at some moment of time, you will face boredom in the pursuit of your goals. While doing an activity to achieve your goals you will be bored.

If you are able to endure it at the time, you will become successful in the future.

This is the secret weapon of the most top-performing people.

They do what needs to be done, not because they are passionate about it. But because it needs to get done. Period.

They don’t need any other reason to perform that task. They know that the task is important for them to achieve their goals. And that is sufficient enough. They don’t need passion.

If you need passion to carry on a task, maybe you are not the master of your own mind. Your mind can easily distract you from the task or prevent you from doing it just because you might not be feeling to do it that day. This is how most people think and thus they remain unsuccessful.

The skill of persisting when boredom sets in, is the ultimate skill to have in your arsenal to be successful.

Boredom is not public

Whenever boredom sets in, you are not in public. Thus you don’t have an audience. Do you have the will to continue or struggle or fight without an audience or in silence?

Your fight with boredom will be a solitary one. Most of us would jump at a chance to fight with a room full of an audience cheering us at every second. But do we have the ability to fight the battle alone?

Most of us don’t. We don’t have that kind of integrity. We lie to ourselves and thus fail in our journey towards our goals.

Learn to endure without an audience and you will never need any form of external motivation to go for your goals.

Choose boredom and endure it. Don’t focus on passion. Boredom is the ultimate truth in this journey of achievement, You may not find the passion but you will face boredom. Fight it. If you win, you will become successful.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 62 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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