Daily Writing #54: Don’t make pitstops your home

Starting this year in the month of January I undertook a challenge to write daily.

The challenge began on 23rd Jan.

Till now I have missed 3 days. That means counting today I wrote for 54 days. I like that score.

To be honest I was determined to maintain my streak for the whole year to prove to myself that I can pull through on this promise but life happens.

Should I sit and mourn over 3 days I couldn’t write or laud myself for the 54.

I would prefer the latter.

But sometimes most of us falter right at this point.

Don't make pitstops your home
Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

I treat these breaks on my streaks as pitstops like, in a car race, a car stops after making a certain number of laps. That car does not stay in the pitstop forever though. It halts there for a brief moment. Repairs and maintenance are done at lightning speed and away the car goes into the race.

Similarly, we should treat these breaks in our life as well.

Do not fall off the train. That is the danger here. If you miss one day, that doesn’t mean you should miss the next 100 too. Prevent yourself from slipping into your old ways.

It’s hard to control, I can vouch for that.

We get stuck with perfection sometimes in our head and think that either we will have it all or none of it.

That’s not the right way to think about it.

Think about when you just started. In comparison to that, you are in a lot better position now.

For example, I started at 0. Now I have written for 54 days. Nowhere in my life have I followed through on a goal for so long. That is an absolute win.

There are bound to be setbacks.

But as Alfred said, “Why do we fall?”. “To get back up”

That should be our motto.

We fall. We get back up.

We do not remain on the ground.

We lose only when we decide that one setback equals failure. Or when we are too attached to perfection.

Life is a constant battle of choice. You can have an off day. Don’t make it a lifestyle though. Get back to your good habits instead of sliding back into your old/bad ones.

Regain your momentum.

Re-build your streak.

In fact, now you know that you have it in you.

So, use that newfound self-esteem, and confidence and get back on track.

Don’t live at your pitstops. Arrive there, and zoom past them.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 54 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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