Daily Writing #56: It is supposed to be difficult

Anything worthwhile in life is difficult to get. That is by design.

This basic principle applies everywhere in life.

But why is it so? Why in this world we can’t get something that we desire easily?

Is it luck? or Is it hard work that is responsible for achieving our desired goals?

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People generally say that it is supposed to be difficult because if it was easy everyone would get it.

The next obvious question would be, Is it bad if everyone got what they wanted?

If every person on this planet got their dream car, dream house, and sufficient money, would it be a bad thing?


It makes no sense to make the road to success littered with difficulties and problems.

Then why is it so?

The simple answer is, people, don’t value what they get easily.

If I were to hand you a million dollars, you would definitely take it. For a few days, you would be ecstatic and riding high. But after that, the high would pass on, and you would begin to question whether you deserve it or not.

You see, we all have an internal compass that tells us whether we are worthy of the award or not. If we don’t then it wouldn’t feel as joyful in the end to enjoy that reward.

That is why hard work must be done to reach our goals. We must pass our own internal evaluation. It’s difficult to lie to ourselves. Therefore if we get handouts we risk failing that internal evaluation.

Another reason why it is supposed to be difficult is, we learn only by overcoming a challenge. A hero must defeat the dragon to get to the princess. That struggle cannot be bypassed.

When we struggle, we learn about our weaknesses. When we learn about our weaknesses, only then can we act to remove them. Eventually, when we overpower enough problems, we get stronger.

We can’t get stronger by just sitting around. We must move, and face the problem. When we work to find the solution to our problems, we increase our capacity to face bigger ones in the future.

That is how we build our character and self-confidence.

That is why the path to success is designed in a way that most people are filtered out. Most people are filtered out because most people can’t work hard long enough. They give up eventually at some stage.

Those who don’t, taste the fruit of success.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 56 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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