Daily Writing #79: Man of the earth, a man of the sky too

Nothing beats good old back-breaking physical work. Its visceral nature makes us realize that we are creatures of the earth. with our feet firmly planted on earth, we feel connected to the ground.

That is what I mean by being the man of the earth.

Oscillating between our luxurious homes, cars, and offices we have forgotten what it meant to do hard physical labor.

But a man of the earth doesn’t shy away from physical work. He knows that in the end, we all will assimilate back into the ground, so why fear it?

A man of the earth can be like the cowboy, connected to the old ways.

Now, a man of the sky is far removed from his physicality. He knows the modern ways of the world pretty well. He’s like the James Bond of our times.

The ideal man would be a mixture of both of these value systems.

He would be a man of the earth and a man of the skies too.

He would love to roam in the fields, forests, and nature along with building businesses in the modern world too.

I know, a man possessing both these traits is difficult to find but we can try to inculcate both of these qualities in us.

I write daily on my blog. This is Day 79.

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