Daily Writing #61: One goal or multiple goals

Do you know Gary Vaynerchuk?

He is a famous internet marketer and motivational speaker. Someone asked him one time if they should focus on just one thing or do multiple things in which they are interested at the same time?

He answered that you should do multiple things, if you want to do them, at the same time.

He, himself goes deep into various fields, like marketing, wine, NFTs, garage sale, podcasts, etc.

But we are not Gary Vaynerchuk.

I believe that we can focus on just one thing at a time in our life. If we give every morsel of our being to that goal then we are more likely to achieve it.

If you want to stretch yourself then at most you can pursue 2 goals simultaneously. If you go for more than that then it will only divide your energy and focus. You will not be able to pay proper attention to either of them. It will only hurt you in the long run.

I have been guilty of doing so in my life too.

The bane of my life is that I want to learn multiple things and achieve multiple goals. This has kept my focus divided over each one of them, and I have not been able to build something worthwhile in any single field.

To avoid this its better to stay in the single lane.

Finish achieving one goal and only then move on to the next.

Or you can divide your energy in the ratio of 90:10. This means give 90% energy and time to your one most important goal and 10% to a side project.

This will allow you to go deep into one area and become an expert in it.

You will be able to identify yourself with it. When someone asks you what are you doing currently, you will have a definite answer.

Mostly, people are confused because they pursue multiple things. They don’t know who they are.

This all comes down to self-awareness too.

Think hard, and clear whether you are the type of person that can handle multiple goals. If you are then go for it, but if you are not then don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You can become great in any field if you devote enough time to it. We think pursuing multiple goals is the answer but it’s not. Going deep in one field and gaining expert-level knowledge in it is also an equally attractive way to build your career.

Decide as per your own life, not what society tells you to do.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 61 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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