Daily Writing #41: Slow down and enjoy the process

I believe our society has bought too much into the idea of speed.

This need for speed forces us to look for shortcuts to achieve our goals. We want everything yesterday.

Patience levels are declining rapidly. The Internet played its role in setting our expectations to be served with a single click of a button. Now most of us are incapable of waiting even for 5 mins in a line to get our coffee.

We strategize to reach our goal via any shortcut possible. While traveling we tend to take shortcuts instead of enjoying the journey.

We are more worried about the outcome than enjoying the process.

The time that we waste looking for shortcuts, tips, and tricks could be saved if we just try to enjoy the process.

Slow down and enjoy the process
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A seed needs to go through the cycles of growth to become a tree. It can’t be transformed into a tree overnight. Even if you overwater it, the seed will grow in its own time. In fact, you risk destroying the seed if you give too much input materials to it.

So, if nature has evolved in this way, then why do we try to shortchange this process in our life?

Why don’t we stand and notice the seed growing into a beautiful tree instead?

Why are we in a hurry, every second of the day?

Why are we too focused on the tree itself that we miss the beautiful transformation of a little seed.

This is my biggest regret of living in today’s world.

We made progress but now we are too concerned with the end goal rather than the journey.

The irony is that we spend most of our time on the journey itself but we ignore this crucial aspect for the destination.

Longest stay on mount everest

Do you know what is the longest time someone has ever spent on Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world?

It’s not days.

It’s just 21 hours.

See, our life is not made up of summits that we intend to reach. Our life instead is made up of the climb. That climb is the eternal truth of life. The destination is fleeting. We are bound to change our goal once we reach our current one.

That is life. We reach our goal, celebrate, and move on to the next one immediately. We don’t stay there permanently resting on our laurels.

Then it makes no sense that we are miserable on the climb.

Play the game

Why do players play the game?

To win?

Hmm, If you think that then let me give you a proposition,

Consider you are a player in any team, about to play a match. The sport can be anything you love. Let’s assume soccer. If I were to come to your dressing room and announce your team the winner, would you be happy? Yes. Of course.

Consider I do this for every match that your team is to play. You win without playing and eventually, you win the championship without ever setting your foot on the soccer ground.

What then?

Would you be happy, excited?

Some would nod in the affirmative.

Ok, for them I would say just scale this situation even more and for every championship, you are handed down a trophy without ever playing.

Now, you would think a bit, don’t you?


Because for a player winning is important but if we rob him of playing and directly take him to the desired outcome, he wouldn’t appreciate it that much.

That means playing is critical, not winning.

A player needs to feel that he has contributed to the game. He should feel that he deserves that win.

All this shows us the importance of the process, not the outcome.

The steps that we take to achieve that outcome deserve more importance than the outcome itself.

This means if you are hurrying through those steps in favor of the trophy that you may or may not get at the end, you are robbing yourself for the majority of your life. The match happens on one day. Preparation is done for days.

Play the game, enjoy the process.

What happens on match day is not in your hands anyway.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 41 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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