Daily Writing #77: Surest sign that you will win in life

Are you winning in life?

Most people would say No.

What are the qualities required to win in life?

There may be 100s. It’s not a specific one.

But what is the surest sign that you will win in life?

You might have faced a thousand failures. Life just may not be going in your favor at all.

But if you have this quality, you will eventually become successful in life.

What is it?

It’s to keep smiling when you lose.

This one quality is the top marker of your success in life. This ensures that you stay consistent and persistent. If you do that, you will one day be successful.

If you sit back when you face failure you will never reach your goal.

One who can smile on his losses will smile at his wins too.

Cultivate this quality. Become thick-skinned. Let no setback, failure affect you. It isn’t easy, I know. We are all human. Failure does affect us. But feel it for a short while and then spring back up to fight again.

If you smile on your losses, you take back the power from the people who tend to laugh at you.

They will start envying your mental strength.

Wouldn’t that be something?

I write daily on my blog. This is day 77.

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