Daily Writing #58: The essence of life is movement

Hey guys! I am back from a leave of absence that I took recently due to some personal issues.

I was stressed out due to situations life presented before me that I had no control over.

Are they sorted out?

Hell no.

Am I stressed out still?

A little bit.

But what I learned during this sabbatical is that if we stop at one place in life, the danger of falling back is huge. We are not moving forward. We are stationary and when we are just fixed on one place, we will eventually move backward because that is the path that we know well.

I moved back a little on my streak of daily writing and some of the other habits that I had started cultivating.

All due to the tendency of stressing over things we can’t control.

Life seldom happens as we envision it. We plan something and something else happens entirely. I think that is the reality for most of us. Then do we allow ourselves to be morose all the time?


If we get knocked down, we get back up. That is the eternal rule of any fight that we want to win. And we all want to win at this game of life.

The topics on which i was writing during my challenge also helped me put things into perspective.

My close ones reminded me that I should walk the talk, and practice what I preach in my articles.

They were right.

Sliding into a victim mentality is so easy in this world. Nothing is easier than blaming the whole world for our pain and sitting cowering in the corner under the cover of darkness.

I did that for a few days in the past. It felt good initially but eventually, I started falling right back into my old destructive patterns. That is the ultimate outcome of the victim mindset, self-destruction.

We believe this world has nothing to offer us so we start to follow habits that are against our values. We start to eat junk food or go hard on sweets.

How do we come out of this cycle of self-destruction?


That is the answer to this problem.

Even stagnant water starts to smell like sewage. The same principle applies to humans as well. When we become stagnant due to hardships that we face, we run the risk of deteriorating our mental health and then our physical health too.

Whenever we face a problem that we have no control over, we just keep moving. And in time that too shall pass. Nothing is permanent in life. That we must remember at all times. It puts everything into perspective.

Think about the deepest pain that you must have felt in your past. Rocky passages of your life that you were sure would destroy you. Look at yourself now, I am sure you overcome all that. It didn’t destroy you. It only made you stronger.

So keep on moving, putting one step in front of the other even when you face the toughest battles of your life. If you keep moving eventually the battles will be won and you will emerge a hero, victorious and stronger, ready to face even graver situations life will throw at you.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 58 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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