Daily Writing #29: The secret to getting better at anything

As humans, we constantly endeavor to get better at something. We seek to improve in every area of our life. But it’s a slow journey and filled with fear, disappointment, and sadness.

It’s bound to be otherwise everyone would be roaming the earth with those flat 6-pack abs.

It’s hard work.

How can we get better at getting better at something?



Smart work.




All of the above are a critical part of the puzzle but according to me, one thing is even more important.

secret to getting better at anything
Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

The ability to ignore not looking good.


Let’s see

Here’s what author and writing teacher Julia Cameron says on this:

“It is impossible to get better and look good at the same time.

Give yourself permission to be a beginner. By being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance to be an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one.”

Source: The Artist’s Way

If you develop this ability, you will automatically progress at a brisk pace to your own amazement.

When you are a beginner you are bound to make mistakes. You know too little about anything at that point. Only by allowing yourself to be bad at the stage, you have a chance to be good in the future.

Due to fear of embarrassment we are constantly holding ourselves back. Let go of that fear and see your progress skyrocket.

Know that people who will be laughing at you now will become your admirers if you push past your fears initially. The world tests us on our climb to greatness. You can’t scale that peak without first developing the courage to face some mocking laughs.

It’s during that process that you gather feedback from people and use it to become better.

This fear of looking bad is innate in humans. We developed this fear so that we remain part of the tribe and no one finds us how stupid we are. But we are not living in a tribe anymore. This is a modern world and people may be the same but eventually, they begin to notice you. They see that you are hellbent on moving forward no matter what they say. Then they back off. You on the other hand keep on marching ahead.

Make that youtube video that you always intended to make.

Create that design.

Make that piece of art.

Cook that dish.

Attempt that thing which you know you must. Act. Be bad. Feel it. Learn. Act. Be Bad. Feel it. Learn. Act……..

One day you will see that you are exponentially better.

Don’t ignore the feeling of feeling bad because you will be genuinely bad. Most people stop right there because they slide back into their cozy comfort zones once people shower them with some harsh feedback. Don’t do that. Don’t be like those people. Feel that feeling. Know that you are bad. That’s the reason you started. To be good. Not to look good.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 29 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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