Daily Writing #22: The simplest and shortest path to success

Is it hard to be successful?

Is it hard to achieve our dreams?

To me, it seems so.

What is the shortest path to success then?

Your answer will be: A straight line

Well, yeah that is correct but it doesn’t tell us anything. Life is never a straight line. We meander our way through life facing a lot of difficulties, and problems.

shortest path to success
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

We need a plan to navigate our lives.

Did you watch the movie “Pain and Gain”? I loved it. A guy named John Wu reveals the shortest path to success in that movie:

Get a Goal

Get a Plan

Get off your “You know what”.

John Wu

Isn’t this simple, clear without any fluff, and to the point?

We needlessly complicate life devising formulas on our fancy excel spreadsheets whereas one simple idea can change our lives. This is it.

This short 3-step plan is as simple as it gets. We don’t need to read books after books in search of some magical nuggets of wisdom to become successful.

Simplicity begets ACTION. Action begets CLARITY. Clarity begets more ACTION.

Eventually, this ACTION increases our chance of being successful.

Follow this simple 3-step plan and obliterate any unnecessary complexity hindering your path to success.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 22 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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