Daily Writing #30: The thing that you keep coming back to

Life is a beautiful adventure. All of us are fellow travelers on this path. We have goals, aspirations, and dreams. Some of us are lucky to reach our dreams but others aren’t fortunate enough.

In both cases though, one thing remains true. There is one thing in our life that we constantly keep coming back to. We think we stowed it away but it lurks behind in our subconscious minds waiting to jump into our consciousness.

What is that thing in your life?

Is it a goal that you never attempted?

A place that you always wanted to travel to?

A new lifestyle that you wanted to test?

Whatever it is, this thing needs our attention. We know we need it and that’s why we hide it away. We don’t delete it from our minds or forget about it. We just hide it carefully so that we can locate it again.

For example,

In my life, that thing can be coding. I decided to learn coding way back around the 2010s. There is a pattern. I start learning, do some tutorials or even some courses. Things get difficult and I quit. This pattern has repeated itself so many times that I cannot keep count. But every year I keep returning to it. There is always a corner in my mind that If I could learn how to code I could have achieved so much more. It would be a great personal victory.

But I keep quitting it.

Now this year too, I have decided to learn to code. The only difference this time is that my outcome is attached to a goal. I want to learn to code to attain a specific goal that I have in my mind, not just for the sake of learning.

That is a big difference from previous years. I will take it slow with a long-term horizon. I don’t want to master code tomorrow. I am prepared to give it time.

Maybe like coding is for me there is something else for you that you can’t seem to shake off even after so many years.

That means that you are attracted to that thing or that goal. Life wants you to work on it. That is the reason the Universe is not letting you get rid of it.

Just compare this with 100 other things that just come and go in your life. They come and go and you aren’t bothered by them anymore.

But this thing bothers you which means you want that in your life. You just haven’t paid the required amount of time, hard work, effort, or the right strategy to achieve it.

Analyze that thing seriously this time and see why you keep coming back to it.

You must have seen that video in which people on their deathbed tell their biggest regrets. Their number one regret is fear of not trying things.

Don’t be like them. Learn from their lessons and be wiser. Give that thing another honest shot.

Who knows, it might be the thing that you were searching for externally in the world and instead you had it in you the whole time.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 30 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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