Top 2 UI design elements to make your homepage beautiful

Why only Top 2 UI design elements? Because top 5 lists are too broad. I wanted to focus on the factors which will give you the maximum return.

You would have heard the following number of times, that how a person looks doesn’t matter only their inner beauty does. Well that is true. But then the following is also true that during the initial stages or first contact looks can play a major role. Now, this is not an article on life lessons but I used this concept because it applies equally well on your website.

Now, consider two situations.

Scenario A: The website looks beautiful. Is aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the visitor. It has an amazing collection of content which solves its target visitor’s problem.

Scenario B: The website looks shoddy. It has a basic design. It has an awesome collection of content too. It solves its user’s problem.

Which one do you prefer now?

Yes, you answered it right. A


Because, If your content delivers the value it promises then your design can really help elevate your customer’s experience while he gets that value. Function works but if your website possesses the form also then the whole experience of your customer goes up a notch in the mind of your customer. The design & look of your website matter. You can’t ignore it.

We can use several UI design elements to increase the aesthetic value of our website. We cannot cover the entire UI design principles here because there are many but we will focus on top 2 ui design elements that can be used to instantly lift the level of your website.

So, do you want to know what are the top 2 ui design elements to make your homepage beautiful?

We will focus on the homepage only here  because once the homepage is built you can simply emulate the design on other pages of your website.

White space

White space is simply the empty space around various elements on your page. It is not called white space due to the white color. It has nothing to do with color. It refers to the empty space only. It is also called negative space or breathing space. 

You can understand the value of white space from music. A singer is not always singing. He pauses, takes short breaks between the lyrics to emphasize some parts and to build excitement. If he sang continuously then that would just frustrate the listeners. They wouldn’t be able to figure out anything that he’s singing. 

Same applies to the design of your website. If you have one element after the other in close vicinity then that would make your page look really unprofessional and it would affect your brand. You have to give the elements on your page some breathing space. 

You can remove the elements on your page so that you only have what you need and then with those fewer elements arrange them on the page with optimum white space.


Another forgotten piece of the puzzle is typography. It is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. How you arrange your copy or text on your homepage matters a great deal. To be able to use this tool you need to know some basic principles of type. Which font will look good on your website and what other font to combine it with are some of the questions that come up under typography like sans serif or serif fonts etc.

Typography establishes a visual hierarchy on a page. Like you will know a particular element is a heading or a sub heading due to its font size only.

Right usage of typography will instantly lift the level of your website. Users will perceive you as a professional brand. 

So these were top 2 ui design elements that will make your homepage not only beautiful but also professional. These 2 elements if used correctly can instantly differentiate your design from hundreds of other competitors.

Now, there are hundreds of others that we will take a look at in future but start from these two and you will see great difference in the aesthetics of your website.

Thank you for reading. Do leave your comment. It would mean the world to me.