Daily Writing #59: What is the right way of expressing love?

Humans are the most complex species on planet earth.

But when humans come together to form relationships, that takes that complexity to whole another level.

Relationships are a maze that no one can escape. We have to walk through it to figure it out. And most of us never do.

Relationships uncork various emotions in us. Every relationship in this world is a mix of different emotions containing various emotions to a certain degree.

One such relationship is love. The most beautiful, magical, and heavenly of them all.

I was recently thinking about a question about love.

What is the right way of expressing love?

I think there are two ways in which we can express our love for another human being:

In a way that we want to or In a way that they like us to.

What do you think?

Which way is the right way of expressing love?

I think both.

I am not an expert but recently I was talking about this with someone. Hence this question popped into my mind.

My belief is that we all start with the former, and end up with the latter.

Meaning, that at the start of any relationship outside of our family we express our love the way we have learned. And as we progress in that relationship and we know the other person better, our way of expression changes to accommodate their liking.

This poses a problem also.

During those initial stages, if we don’t like the way that another person is showing their love for us, we might start to dislike them. This is a genuine possibility.

We may start to believe that the other person doesn’t care. or is unable to express his love or worse, that he just doesn’t love us.

During these times I find that we must adopt a long-term vision. We must remind ourselves that the person is important to us. He is just adapting to our ways and in time as familiarity increases, he will start to express his love in a way that we like.

This is difficult to do, as we want to feel the other person loves us in a way that we like, and when he doesn’t we tend to get annoyed.

Remember the outcome in such times. The outcome is that you want this relationship to continue, and for the other person to remain in your life.

If you keep that in mind, you will pass this initial stage easily without any major hiccups.

In the end, we need to remember that the person matters much more to us so we need to manage our expectations in the initial stages. We need to give each other a chance to become familiar and know each other better.

I write daily here on my blog. There is no limit to the word count. I am not focusing on any topic here. I want to build a daily writing habit. This is Day 59 of the Daily Writing Challenge in 2022.

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