Daily Writing #69: What is your normal?

Every individual living on this planet grows in a particular environment. That environment is composed of people, rules, customs, and traditions. Each one of these components affects that individual in a certain way which altogether plays a significant role in the adult life of that individual.

The country, state, city, or the village you spend your childhood in is a major contributor to your own set of beliefs. This does not mean that we cannot change that influence but it certainly means that in the initial years at least we operate on the basis of those core beliefs. If those beliefs are constructive they aid us in our development, and if those beliefs are destructive they can become the reason for our miserable adult life.

What do you think about your childhood?

What kind of beliefs, and rules were thrust upon you?

I think what we go through in our childhood becomes normal for us. The beliefs that we are taught, the customs that we observe around us, and the behaviors that we see in the adults around us, all become the standard in our view. We think that is the way we are meant to operate. And most importantly, that is the only way.

This becomes dangerous when we move through our life and encounter different ways of doing things. We see that people are living their lives according to their own rules which are a lot different than ours.

This can be an eye-opener and at the same time fear-inducing too. We may think that all our lives we believed wrong. Thus our whole life can be a lie. But if we look in the other direction we see that is not the case. We see that life is all about evolution.

That can be an evolution of our bodies as well as the evolution of our minds, thoughts, and beliefs.

As humans, we should evolve physically and mentally as we progress through our life. If we become stagnant in both these areas we run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Do not become attached to your old ways of thinking. Do not attach your self-image to an opinion. If we do that we become susceptible to extreme behavior when those opinions are challenged.

This is what happens on the internet and in life generally.

People are so neck-deep in their old ways of living and thinking that they aren’t able to see the new world. In reality, they are just afraid of what others would think if they saw that they are wrong.

This fear must be abolished.

The generation gap between parents and children

The area where this scenario most aptly comes into play is the relationship between parents and children.

Parents often resent change, new thoughts, and new patterns of thinking and refuse to change with the world. This makes them clash with their children.

Parents refuse to accept that they can be wrong in their views. They fail to acknowledge that they need to change their views in order to understand their children.

People or even organisms who fail to adapt according to their environment fail in the end.

This principle applies everywhere in this world.

We must not believe our normal.

We must always be ready to challenge our thoughts and beliefs. If we find them wrong we should change them gladly. It’s difficult, I know but it’s necessary.

Change is the only constant.

Everything must change to survive.

This is my blog, where I write daily about life. This is day 69.

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